Pregnant Woman Mysteriously Abandons Students

Chicago IL- A startling trend has spread across Deerfield High School. Many women, all teachers, had grown increasingly large bellies as the year progressed, culminating in their sudden disappearance. This mysterious transformation and vanishing act has left many high school students saddened, scared, and confused. According to now depressed math student Jessica Wolf, “One day Mrs. Tall was there with her funny looking belly, the next day she was gone.”

Jenny Tall, a math teacher is not the only teacher to abandon her students this year. For some odd reason, her husband, Joe Tall, also vanished despite the fact his belly has not been growing. Women in many departments were doing some unknown activity that made their bellies and belly-buttons balloon in comical styles and we at The Flipside were determined to find out.

Upon further investigation, our resident scientist has discovered the disturbing trend that these women were not getting fat, but were actually making babies appear. However, a couple of females with increasingly large bellies notified the Flipside that they were not pregnant and proceeded to slap our resident scientist square in the face. This left one Sam Clock almost as hurt as when his math teacher suddenly abandoned him, which hurt him a real lot.

December 15, 2008

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