obama_next1 Denver, Colorado- Barack Obama continues to fight John McCain to become America’s next president. However, he is fed up with all the basketball references to his historic campaign. Recently, McCain fired an attack ad saying Obama was trying to “back-door cut” the American people. He also suggested Obama “is reversing his policy more than the Harlem Globetrotters do reverse lay-ups.” He promised that his campaign could play “man to man or zone” while Obama was more likely to “be like the Phoenix Suns… Run and gun, eclipse, then burn out.”
Obama is calling foul, rejecting the critique away and sending it back to where it came from. Obama says that McCain is trying to go over the back. Obama recently told reporters, “I just find it completely inappropriate. This candidacy is not about race, it is about our different ideas for America’s future.” McCain responded, “Obama tries to suggest our basketball ads are racist. He is denying the great impact so many white, non-international players are having in the NBA.”
Many news stations are having a field day the basketball analogies. CNN says Barack needs to back off the press and start playing a trap. Or at least force the ball to George Bush. After a historic speech on energy, Fox reporter Bill O’Reilly shouted “And one!” MSNBC declares, “Obama is strong with the left, but very weak with the right. He needs to learn how to go both ways if he expects to take this campaign to the hoop, I mean White House.”
No matter whose side you take, it is clear Obama’s campaign has been a real slam-dunk.

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