Concert Pianist Just Wants to Live in Harmony

By Edmund von Floueshten

All this razzmatazz and hubbub has gotten over the top. Things around my home concert hall have just gotten too crazy. Who can stand this anymore?

That was rhetorical, because I cannot. I might walk around all day playing concertos and sonatas, but all I want around hear is a little peace and harmony.

People might say then when you play a harmony you get harmony, but this is not so. The tuba is always too loud, and the cellist is always too screechy.

I just want calm. Maybe I should move out of this concert hall and into a normal house or apartment where there aren’t banjos and violas and flutes playing all day.

Maybe that would be my answer to harmony. But then again, how could I live without my piano and my metronome. I probably couldn’t, so I must remain here and find a way.

December 15, 2008

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