After much deliberation, the members of the Flipside staff would like to congratulate themselves on a job well done on the last issue. And they deserve it. Who had the bravery to put out such bold articles as “Professor Snape to teach AP Chemistry” or “Ok, Come on Teachers, What’s Up with all this Homework”? Who had the valor to include such vocabulary word as gung-ho and homeostasis? Who had the courage to provide thw world with fake news for real people, free everywhere, $2.30 in Canada? None other than The Flipside.

While some would call us pompous, we feel that it’s important to give credit where credit is due. And we deserve more credit than even we are willing to give ourselves.

Rarely does a newspaper reach a standard where they can afford to award themselves with gratitude. Some wait for many years, garnering prestige and grandeur along the way. We here at The Flipside would rather assume the glory now, and wait for the rest to come later.

Did you read some of the articles from last issue? They were just great! How about that “Rock Paper Scissors Tourney Turns Catastrophic.” Thats genius. That line with the referees really captured the essence of the whole era.

This paper was pure artistry. How savvy was that article about Dunkin Donuts. There is such beauty in them changing their name to be politically correct.

Can it really get much better than last issue?

Most would say: “No, no it can’t. That last issue was unbelievable.” But the asnwer is that it can.

Because this issue is even better!

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