DEERFIELD, IL— Leaves are not the only thing changing colors this fall. The hair color of approximately seventy- five sophomore girls is changing too.

What is causing this metamorphosis? Individuality.

These brave girls who dare to be different set an example for how students everywhere should say no to conformity and dye their hair.

“I don’t want to be like everyone else,” says Blair Mills, who recently dyed her hair ‘fire red with black highlights.’ “People who walk around with their natural hair are just conforming to a stupid standard of being similar and stuff. Really, everyone should dye their hair.”

Blair is certainly not the only one with this unique view. 75 is only the number of girls with dyed hair in the sophomore class at DHS. The entire school has an estimated 200 students with artificially colored hair. With colors ranging from ‘Atomic Tangerine’ to ‘Violent Violet’, each individual is more individual than the last.
“Be yourself and dye your hair,” Carrie Ramsey tells Flipside reporters. “Tell your friends that you are different and special in your own way. Do it.”

Carrie also points out that her hair is ‘Orange Peel Orange’ and not ‘Pumpkin Orange’ like Raven Warrick’s hair.

Even some faculty members are joining in on the fun. English teacher Loretta Williamson is one of these individuals. “No, I’m not doing it because my students are doing this. I’m doing it because I want to. And besides, how many students do you know with Razzmatazz colored hair?” Mrs. Williamson asks. “That’s right. I’m one of a kind.

Many individuals are also cutting their hair in unique ways. In fact, in the past two months, DHS has seen a 24% increase in vintage haircuts such as ‘The Rachael from Friends’ and ‘Short and Messy.’

“Everyone should cut their own hair,” senior Madeline Hapsburg. “Going to a hair salon is pretty much saying, ‘I’m like everyone else.’ Just cut your hair. Do it.”

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