Igneous Rock Sells For 3.2 Million on Ebay

By Lloyd Samskadon

SOMEHWHERE IN GREENLAND- The seller Tami Redvan really didn’t think anyone would buy her igneous rock. Thats why she put it up on Ebay. If you asked anyone else in the world, they probably would have said the same thing too. I mean, come on, who would buy an igneous rock, let alone an igneous rock for more than $10?

Jeff Wobberman obviously wanted it. He wanted it 3.2 million dollars bad.

We asked him what prompted this buy. He replied, “Well I’ve loved rocks since I can remember.”

We asked his parents if there was any truth to this. Mother Marie Wobberman confirmed this. “The first word he ever said was igneous. Not mama or dada.” And then she burst into tears.

Jeff Wobberman later told us how huge of a rock fanatic he is. “I mean I have every type of igneous rock that they ever made. If you want to talk about it my screen name is iluvrocks0304 and my website is Its all there.”

November 28, 2008

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