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The Flipside’s Coverage of the District 113 Facilities Renovation

UPDATE: District 113 Facilities Renovation Would Put Major Asbestos Manufacturer Out of Business By George Minkowski The halls of Deerfield and High­land Park High School have a dis­tinct aroma. It…

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (As told by mall security)

By Saul Brown, Mall Cop I’ve known Alexander Grinch for about 8 years now. He used to be a real great kid. He and his friends would come here every…

Ask Mr. Motzko: Your Job

Dear Mr. Motzko, Can I have your job? Sincerely, Usurper, Class of 2004 Usurper! Mendicant! Shape­shifter! You can have my job after you have extricated yourself off of the three-pronged…

Wet Bed Blamed on “Frightful” Weather Outside

Sloppy Conductor Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Aron Ralston Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame