Lost and hopelessly confused, freshman Danny Booker found himself wandering around a section of the school that was never meant for student use this Monday.

“I still don’t know how it happened,”  reported Danny, still rattled from the experience.  “I made a right, then made a left, then made a right, then made a left, and all of a sudden I was somewhere I knew didn’t look right.  Me, being a freshman, didn’t realize I was in the wrong place.”

Built in the fifties, Z-hall was intended to be a bomb shelter, before the idea was scrapped due to the fact that it was a stupid idea.  Z-hall was then sealed, and it and its treasure were thought to be lost for good– until now, when Danny Booker unwittingly stumbled in, accidentally tripping over some gold bullions of the ground.  

Trying to find his Social Studies class, Danny sat down in one of the classrooms.  Instead of finding a teacher, instead he found the the room was completely burned down.  However, Danny didn’t think anything was wrong, confessing, “I just thought it was Mr. Kim’s room.  Everyone’s always talking about how hot he is.”  Booker finally realized he was in the wrong place when he went to the bathroom and encountered the ghost of Deerfield’s past.

No matter how it was discovered, Z-hall is easily one of the top ten archaeological finds of our generation.  Many history teachers claim that it may help us better understand the thought processes of Cold-War Deerfield.  Many English teachers claim that it is somehow offensive.  Rumor has it that the technology department was actually originally created to keep Z-hall, and its gifts to the world, all to themselves.

Booker, however, does not consider himself an archeological hero.  Instead, he’s just worried about finding his third period class.

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