Newly founded Deerfield rap group M.W.A., MidWest Adolescents, is set to release its widely anticipated debut album Straight Outta C-Hall. The group, a leader in West Deerfield hip pop, first rose to local popularity with its infamous Deerfield Idol performance last year.

The group is comprised of the rappers X Hall (formerly known as Ice Cube), Kaf Kookiez (formerly known as Eminem), Semester (formerly known as 2 Quarters, more formerly known as 50 Cent), and Eazy-A (formerly known as Craig).

The 13-track debut contains the well-known singles such as “Teach Teacha,” “Traxx: Got Nowhere to Park,” “Shoutout Tim (Remix),” and the controversial “Forget the Deans.” The album is now available for purchase from Eazy-A’s grandmother, who will be selling CDs at her bridge matches every other Tuesday, or online through M.W.A.’s theoretical website.

We sat down with M.W.A. group member X Hall, who told us that “Our music is a reflection of our reality. We just rap about what we see. Check this: the other day I saw this kid without an ID who wasn’t allowed into the Caf. Who are they keeping out of there anyway? Kids gotta eat.”

X Hall told us that injustices like that were the inspiration behind his forthcoming solo album Where’s Yo Destination?. The album is a nearly four-hour “self-proclaimed masterpiece of humility” that mostly consists of X Hall beatboxing over GarageBand loops between forced guest appearances from his family and three cats. The music video for the album’s breakout single “Nowhere But a ‘G’ Hall” is due out next week.

M.W.A. also sees the release of the new album as retaliation in its ongoing feud with rival Deerfield rap group Jog-D.M.C., whose music focuses primarily on cardio exercises. M.W.A. claims it is seeking revenge for Jog-D.M.C.’s recent “walk-by” attack, in which group members hurled insults at M.W.A. before making an escape by speed-walking away. In response, M.W.A. has encouraged students to boycott walking to school and instead drive to school or ride the bus.

Regarding the nature of the two rap groups’ feud, a spokesperson for Jog-D.M.C. commented that, “It’s tricky.”

M.W.A.’s new album “Straight Outta C-Hall” drops February 29th, 2017.

In the first week of its release, M.W.A. expects Straight Outta C-Hall to be downloaded at least 2000 times, which would certify the album “Double Chrome.” The group has also wasted no time in beginning work on its sophomore album. M.W.A. frontman Semester said that “We want to use our next album to get back to our roots. You know, gardening and whatnot.” He added that the album’s name is planned to be “Good Kiwi, M.A.A.D. Citrus.”

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