Christmas: A Grandmother’s Perspective

grandma Don’t you just love the weather? I’ve always enjoyed sitting with a great book and a nice, toasty cup of cocoa. Speaking of which, have you eaten anything lately? You look so thin. Your mother must not be feeding you well. Here, take one of my butter pecan cookies, they’re Granny’s secret recipe! What’s that? You’re allergic to nuts?
Well, times certainly have changed since I was young. Especially the music you kids listen to. Back in my day, we listened to clean little ditties, nothing like your rap music. The profanities those young men use! I sure do hope you don’t have any of that filth on your brand new e-Phone. The man at the store said it was the “hot item of the year”, and you sure do know how I like to keep up with the times. Oh, it’s pronounced iPhone? Well at least I didn’t pronounce your name wrong, Bradford. It’s Bradley? I guess my mind isn’t as great as it used to be. Did I already offer you a butter pecan cookie?

January 23, 2009

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