Scientists and historians alike attended the first ever Bibliographiation conference in the neutral Oslo, Norway. Both sides of the works cited debate made concessions, but their respective gods have finally come to a consensus on internal citations.
The MLA deities wanted the period to be outside of the parentheses, while the APA argued that the period should go inside the parentheses (wheredoesitgo.).

“We finally decided to just get rid of the period altogether,” Hermes, the Greek messenger god who was recently demoted to god of librarians, said.

The period, though feeling left out, is not used to getting so much attention. This much fuss hasn’t been made about a period since Nancy Reagan got hers during the Iran-Contra Affair back in the 80’s.

The elimination of the period is also helping science teachers and humanities teachers to slowly break down the barriers between their departments and sit together again in the staff cafeteria. Though their lunch breaks rarely leave the walls of the library, librarians too are ecstatic about the unifying change.

“We got a record seven visits to our citation website yesterday!” said 8-year veteran librarian Nina Miller.

However, the simplified citation will make for shorter Gale Virtual Library and credible sources presentations, leaving librarians with less vital information to inform students about. Students rejoice, but Gale Simms, author of all articles in her virtual library, is outraged.

“Students can no longer copy and paste my ready-made citations! It’s awful. I just don’t have the time to go back and delete all the periods. But there’s no way I’m letting EasyBib win this one.”

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