Administration Changes ‘Lunch’ To ‘Dining Education’

By Herman Dougal

In their weekly Twitter address, the Deerfield High School administration announced Wednesday that it will be changing the name of lunch periods from ‘Lunch’ to ‘Dining Education.’ “We feel like this will make sure students know that Dining Education periods, or D.E.s, are not a time for slacking off,” said Mr. Randolph about the name change. “This will encourage students to make responsible and productive use of their designated eating periods.” Many students are enthusiastic about the change, such as Sophomore Samuel Pirancci. “I always felt like my time was being wasted during lunch periods with eating lunch,” said Pirancci. “Now I can do homework and study for tests during D.E. without people thinking that I’m weird for not eating lunch.” Some, however, feel that the change isn’t going far enough. “I still feel like D.E. could be improved,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous. “The periods are always so loud, with everyone talking to their friends. I think that there should
be a mandatory ‘no-talking’ rule in the cafeteria. Also, it’s obnoxious when people are eating and spilling their drinks everywhere during D.E. It’s distracting and rude. Food and drink shouldn’t be allowed into the cafeteria.”

May 16, 2010

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