By George Minkowski and Rufus Schwartezngoggle
HIGHLAND PARK, IL– Last Thursday, students from Township High School District #113 had their fingers crossed for a snow day. These students went to bed with a dream and woke up to an e-mail from Superintendent Fornero, telling them that school would be in session. Unfortunately for the students, this wasn’t a joke. However, some students were able to salvage part of their day by taking advantage of Fornero’s failed attempt to find the “Hide E-mail Recipients” option on his e-mail.
“Did he realize that anybody could just hit ‘Reply to All’ after reading that e-mail?” asks Deerfield Junior Crystal Vogl. “He must have know that people were not gonna be mature about his little administrative blunder.”
And immature people were! 7 people replied to Fornero’s e-mail. Their response ranged from “cool.nice. thank you” to “shut up.”
One individual actually sent a blank e-mail to the entire district. It is highly improbable that Fornero intended to start a district-wide thread, but he did. This has people asking, “What was he thinking?” Then again, this is far from the first instance of administrative blunders revealing the true nature of District 113 students. Just last year, what began as a comparable thread of sorts somehow evolved, or rather exploded, into a series of intensely graphic Fight Club haikus. Despite the administrations aggressive stance on obscenities, they have continually dropped the ball on monitoring student e-mails. The first rule of administration is you do not let students talk about fight club. The second rule of administration is you do NOT let students talk about fight club. Deerfield Senior Joseph Gleestone states, “I just don’t understand it. We aren’t allowed to so much as reference.”
Any mature thematic elements on Halloween, yet things even more twisted than I could ever imagine are sent directly to me via school e-mail. I think I can handle a guy dressed in girl’s clothes. But even I couldn’t help but gag in the fourth stanza.”
So what can Deerfield High School students take from this? Apparently the administration distracts us from how sick we all truly are. Perhaps the girls who merely blur out paraphernalia in their photos because they so desperately need to put them on Facebook are not mature, no matter what their blood alcohol concentration may suggest.
Perhaps the administration really does save us from ourselves. If Deerfield High School without a “BCC” option is as disturbed and immature as our e-mails suggest, maybe the censorship we face might be beneficial after all. Still, there is no better remedy to a detention due to a misuse of e-mail than admiring the more unrefined work of our Blue-Ribbon school.

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