Seniors Try to Downplay Admission Excitement—Aren’t Fooling Anybody

shit-accepted Modesty is important. But so is letting people know you got into the University of Indiana. Hells yeah. You’re going to school with your boyyysss. They know that. Most of the grade doesn’t. And that’s the problem.

This situation is not unique; many find themselves in that fine line between modesty and screaming at the top of your lungs in other people’s faces. You got in to Yale, but you know others have not. You don’t want to say it out loud, but you want everybody to know. And thus, you wear a Yale t-shirt every day until somebody notices.

From the accidental school-wide email of your acceptance letter to the equally accidental Facebook post “Can you pass me your Penn,” students go to great lengths to make sure you know where they got in to college while pretending to be sensitive that others have not. Though accepted students really just want to have a friend tell everybody so they can blush and fake being humble, many resort to forcing their friends to tell everybody so they can blush and fake being humble.

Scholarships bring about a whole new challenge. One must strike the balance between letting people know you are so awesome you not only got into a school, but they are paying you to go there and not sounding like a complete dickwad. Some do this with great style, asking others about where they are going to school in the hopes the person will ask the question in return. Then the “surprised” admittee can say “if you insist” and pretend they forgot the exact name of the scholarship, though not the dollar value…

If the key chain, mother’s bumper sticker, and daily announcement in the school news didn’t let the grade know, some students may have to wait until the Deerprint’s map. Who are you kidding? You cannot wait that long to let people know how sick of a DHS career you have had. Of course, where you go to college defines you as an individual. Tomorrow, I’m dressing up as a Hoosier.

May 25, 2009

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