bridge-erection It has been a long, hard process, but the Edgewood Drawbridge is finally erect. The choice to lubricate the truss support has led to a very firm structure. Seamen are now able to flow under the bridge. There was a time when many thought it would never get up. Hopefully, it will last for more than four hours. Yet, through Jack Meoff’s excellent handiwork, the bridge seems erect for good. The use of Plexi-fiber has given the bridge a real hard on, making shiny, yet tough. That’s what she said.

The Edgewood Drawbridge, ED for short, is super strong and flaccid. One onlooker was heard to have said, “That bridge gives me a raging boner.” The Flipside would just like to echo that sentiment as the ED has a beautiful shaft and a particularly strong head. The ED is ready to ride anything that crosses its path or let things ride it. That’s what he said.

ED constructers held nothing back, letting the project explode all over the place. They cut nothing out; they left the bridge uncircumcised. The one complaint is a slight concern about durability. Some wonder about the ED’s lasting power, considering the chubby design of the hinge. The other issue is not so much function as form. There seems to be black algae sprouting around the balls of the bridge, the ingenious spheres that speed up the reproduction of the drawbridge. This hair-like algae is likely to be trimmed, except during the winter when it is used to keep the bridge warm.

Despite the controversy, the ED, Edgewood’s purple headed warrior, is set to open today. Chief foreman Johnson “Johnny” Johnson had the final words. “He may be slow to rise, but he carries quite the load.”

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