Bracket Analysis

By John Shineman

It’s that time of year again. You guessed it. It’s time to fill out those teacher tournament brackets. After many grueling hours inside their sweatshop, the Teacher Tournament Bracket Committee has announced their picks.

Some were met with surprise. I personally cannot believe that they put Huff all the way down at the five seed, but who am I to talk? There are sure to be some intense first round games; here are a few to keep your eye on. Motzko versus Sawasko in the Math/Science division is sure to get the fans going wild. Likewise, the 3-6 Mansfield- Tanimoto matchup could go either way.

In the Social Studies/Arts division, up-and-comer Vora looks to take on the experienced Grady; only time will tell how they react under pres- sure. Gasper has his home court in X- hall, and this will help him take the competition to school.

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