By Mitt Verdasm

DEERFIELD, IL—Deerfield High School has seen its share of memorable Senior pranks in recent history. So memorable, in fact, that I am having a little trouble recalling them to memory. But this year is different.

“We just have a great class with radical ideas,” said one Senior, Josh Sawyer. “This year it is brilliant and conniving. We call it Operation Snow Day.”

What it boils down to is this: Seniors around the Midwest have purchased several of their own snowmakers and placed them around local weather stations. Then, with the help of a few pizza sales and a lot of H20, they made it snow.

“Honestly, it is so sweet,” says one senior, Gus van Olin. “You know, everyone always tries to do some prank that’s “bad,” but this one is so simple and clever, that no one ever saw it coming.”

Several officials from the administration have admitted that they see nothing they can do to stop these tricky seniors. “The way we see it,” said one administrator, “they are not doing anything against the law.” Later, he added off the record, “And who says an old feller like me couldn’t use a few more days off as well?”

The senior pranksters felt good that they could help out the other grades as well. However, they were a little disappointed that the snow kept them from going anywhere.

Several other seniors are thought to be involved in a project called Operation Gasleak, and the results on that are still pending.

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