Readers Ironically Most Likely To Read This Article

monkey1The smallest article ever to be published is ironically the most likely to be read. Hardly any effort has gone into this article, yet, you find yourself reading it because it is so short. The articles above and below are much more funny, but they would take too long to read. So you are reading this blabber.

In fact, I was not sure how to use this space I had left over. It is too much to put headlines in, but too little for an article. So instead you get this, a clear attempt to waste space so as to guarantee a better looking paper. We at the Flipside believe it is what is on the outside that counts.

The neatness of the paragraphs also adds to the likelihood you are reading this articles. Of course, this was not done on purpose, I just happened to notice this coincidence as I get closer and closer to filling up all the leftover space. I probably won’t even spell check this article

December 30, 2008

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