1. When the teacher calls on you, you are most likely to say…
A. A generic comment that will allow you to just barely eke by.
D. Something completely off, but just because you didn’t read.
D. Look at that tarantula!

2. It is time to do your homework. The first thing you do is…
A. Get prepared for an intense study session by turning on tribal music.
D. Make sure your Internet connection is working so you have access to SparkNotes.
D. Run around the house to expel your extra energy.

3. Now it is really time to do your homework. You start off by…
A. Going on your Facebook account to see if you have any Zombie invitations.
D. Complaining to someone about it

D. Doing bits and pieces while intermittently checking Wikipedia

4. You find yourself in the deans office. You are there because…
A. You cemented your friend’s locker shut, again.
D. You are somehow involved in a pyramid scheme involving you, the janitors, and your crazy obsession for Diet Coke.
D. You have doodled your initials and your name on every desk in the school in a cruel act of vandalism. Well, you must have just been bored.

5. Because of the trouble you have caused in question 4, you are sentenced to a Saturday detention. You will spend those six hours by…

A. Reading. You have to become cultured.

D. Staring blankly at your nails. That is for the first hour. Then after you draw crazy designs you will be staring at your now covered nails.

D. Getting up every seven to ten minutes to go to the bathroom. There is no way you are sitting in that room for six hours straight!

6. It is time to go grocery shopping. Your favorite aisle is…

A. The cereal aisle. You believe in a diet based on wheat and grains.

D. The freezer area. You believe in a diet based on protein.

D. The potato chips section, no, the cookie section, no the soft drink area, no the processed chesses area….

7. When you watch TV, you find your style of channel changing is…

A. Calm and in control. You spend at least one minute analyzing the channel before switching.

D. Careless. You will stay on one channel no matter what, just to prove endurance.

D. Crazy. You have already seen every channel before the TV even is fully turned on.

8. Have you made it to question 8?

A. Yes.

D. No.

D. No.

Mostly As: Test results show negative. You’re not pregnant, and you don’t have ADD. But I really am surprised you answered yes to some of those questions….
Mostly Ds: There are two Ds in ADD. You’ve got it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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