Optimists Think Pessimist’s Club is a Success!

By Nell Federmeyer

Two Thursdays ago, Angela Hinkley, a lifelong resident of Deerfield, took the initiative to form the Pessimist’s Club of Deerfield.

“As a member of the Optimist’s Club of Deerfield, I really wanted all residents of all ideological stances to feel like they could participate in the community” said Hinkley. Kyle Masters is the first and only member of the Pessimist’s Club.

“No one but me showed up for the first meeting,” he mumbled. “I’m not really surprised, though.”

When asked about future plans for the club, Masters replied that he was going to organize a bake sale to raise funds to bribe other people to come. Plans were halted when he realized it would probably be a complete failure anyway.

Hinkley refuses to give up on the Pessimist’s Club, however. “When you think about it, it’s actually quite successful!”

December 15, 2008

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