No Problem, Man

no_problem_manReally, don’t worry about it man. My old man puts the cashola on my card. Don’t sweat it, broski. I’ll probably just tell my madre that I need fifty more dollars for my card and I’ll actually only put thirty on it. If High School has taught me anything, man, it is to be an entrepreneur. My econ teacher would applaud my capitalist venture.

Hold up duderino. My sister? Come on, that’s crossing the line. A man law line that has been in place since Eve screwed over Adam. Whatever. Apology accepted. Just give me the now sixty cent cookies, bro-pa. I don’t care if they fell on the floor. Those cooks just look soo soft. You ate them, man? Wow. You’re kinda being a d…

Bag, could you please pass me my bag. At least let me borrow your pimped out Ti-84 Silver edish. No? You’re being totally selfish. Can I get some more food? Thanks, dude. Here’s my card. No problem, man. What a toolbag.

December 30, 2008

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