By P t r Gouland

SACRAM NTO, CA—This always s ms to happ n at th worst tim s! I was just in th middl of writing my A Tal of Two Citi s: R visit d—th classic docum ntation of two diff r nt citi s throughout th ag s, wh n—poof—th darn k y just conk d out.

I was right in th middl of Chapt r Tw nty Two, which happ n d to b about th ann xation of…oh, this is all to hard to say, now that my b lov d k y is brok n. And th trag dy is, th k y was on of my favorit k ys. I dar say I us d him as much, if not mor , than any of my oth r k yboard fri nds. H h ld his d ar old plac on that QW RTY board for y ars and y ars, but l ft m wh n th mom nt was rip .

It is hard to d scrib how it cam to b that my k y w nt away. His button is th r , but now it r sts lik a coffin, b caus wh n I pr ss, h no long r r sponds. It is a sad tim .

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