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This Day in Flipside History

1340: Flipside narrowly escapes the Black Death 1492: Flipside helps Columbus get lost 1501: Flipside perfects the code of chivalry 1863: Flipside coins the first paper money 1922: Flipside creates…

Area Bicyclist “Couldn’t Care Less” About High Gas Prices

By Picov Andropov DEERFIELD, IL – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Wait, no, it’s just the worst of times. With gas prices pushing…

My K y Do sn’t Work!

By P t r Gouland SACRAM NTO, CA—This always s ms to happ n at th worst tim s! I was just in th middl of writing my A Tal…

DHS Student Gets a Perm…Oops

Statue Has Great Form on Follow Through