My Bad, Dude

I’m really sorry dude. I really am. I thought for sure you were done with those nugs. I know how tasty those fat filled, deep fried, chicken nuggets were. I ate them. My bad. I mean, in my defense, dude, you got up for at least thirty seconds. You snooze, you lose, man.

What am I saying? It was sooo my fault. Just like when I did not know that girl was your girlfriend. Or when I didn’t know that girl was your sister. Or that money you left out was not for me. Oh, you didn’t know about that. My bad, dude. On the bright side, I bought three warm cookies from the lunchroom. Handpicked. You want one? Let me get you one. Oops, I forgot man. I already munched them down.

I’ve just been a terrible bro today, broha. Is there anything, I mean anything I could do for you? Besides that. And that. No problem on that last one. I’ll for sure go to the caf and buy you some popcorn chicken. Just give me your card.

December 30, 2008

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