Local Teen Unsure About Involvement In Anti-Support Group Support Group

By Greg Illessen

DEERFIELD—After the recent upsurge in support group attendance at Deerfield High School, local sophomore Troy Illessen started feeling left out.

“How stupid are support groups?” said the angered Troy. “I am so anti support groups.”

Troy and his posse decided to join the already existing Anti-Support Group Support Group, but many felt the group did not meet their needs.

“I feel like I’m just giving in to the man,” remarked confused friend Franco Corton. “I just want a place to be able to vent my anger at support groups.” Corton then began to ball furiously. Friends alerted The Flipside that support groups are a rather touchy subject to Corton.

For those interested, the Anti-Support Group Support Group will be meeting Thrusdays in the Student Union and will be giving out free donuts.

Pictures. ABOVE: Troy Illesen, very conflicted about his support group.

BELOW: A very popular meeting of the Anti-Support Group Support Group.

December 15, 2008

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