By Lisa Allian

DEERFIELD, IL—Freshman Student Jimmy Lunderman has taken dress-up days to a new level. The meager fourteen year old boy, unaware of all unwritten rules of social normalcy, turned himself into a full-fledged sixty year old pirate.

“I was really going for effect,” said the setback Lunderman. “I probably spent one hundred and twenty dollars in props, considering how I bought the beard, the hat, the sword, the makeup, the costume, and the stilts, because at five-two, I am not convincing anyone that I am a pirate.”

But don’t let that fool anyone. In full getup the six foot Jimmy Lunderman could easily be mistaken for a Treasure Island or Pirates of the Caribbean character.

“I haven’t seen Jimmy today,” said his best friend Yuli Belatross. “Usually he is easy to pick out in his small stature and braces, but I think he got those removed, just for the sake of pirate dress-up day.”

“It also took my mom five hours and eleven minutes to put on the makeup,” said a shy Jimmy, “But who’s counting anyways?”

“He wins an A for effort,” remarks the Student Council president. “This is really what we are looking for from our student population: A first class attitude and a really good costume.”

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