Flipside Returns From Iraq War!


DEERFIELD, IL-To our dedicated readers, we are very apologetic about the long hiatus. Our main reporters got caught up in all of the hoopla over there in Iraq and then we all became such good friends with the Shiites and Sunnis that we just couldn’t leave.

We only planned to stay through December, and we thought we would get an issue out then, but then things just started to pile up: We had to do this war stuff, PR meetings, interviews, and the like.

We thought that the big guy back home would set pull out dates or something, but he just kept going and it got to a point where we didn’t know what we were doing there, and it became very difficult to write articles.

Fortunately, we are back now with a bang. Sorry we could only get out a digest, but you know how it is. Unfortunately we missed a lot of great news and politics like Obama,Hillary and all those guys. We missed School Chest, we missed Winter Break, we missed Spring Break, and we missed finals.

But we are back now, and we are going to get right to it. We got lucky that we tore a ligament and had to be “called out of duty” cause who knows how much longer we would have been there?

December 15, 2008

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