Even the Consumer Economics Online Students Cannot Escape the “Cyber-Dean”

gandolf Every Friday morning, when most students are at the DECA meeting, some high school students are taking consumer economics online. All the students seemed to be enjoying the class until last week, when eight of the fifteen students in the class received what is called a “Cyber-Referral”.

Junior Steven Pentel was the only member of the class to receive multiple “Cyber-Referrals”. “I got one for slow typing, another for sneezing on the computer screen, and another for mouse abuse, I don’t even know what that means!?!” All “Cyber-Referrals” have been dolled out while on the computer. A “Cyber-Security guard” would appear on the screen and escort them to the “Cyber-Dean’s” office. Senior Jessica Smileberg described the “Cyber-Dean’s” office as strange and uncomfortable. “The “Cyber-Secretary” was really nice, but they kept playing really old music, then when the “Cyber-Dean” finally decided to see you he would put a big “Cyber-Smile” on his face and give you a “Cyber-Detention”, although I’m not exactly sure what that means though.” The illusive “Cyber-Dean” was unavailable for a “Cyber-Comment”.

December 30, 2008

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