Among Olympic Highlights: Usian Bolt Power Walks to 400-meter Victory

phelps-ape1 The Olympics have come and gone, but the memories will last until we forget them. One memory that has some solid staying power was Usian Bolt’s epic 400-meter victory. The fastest man on earth, who is not a big fan of effort, power walked a world record 41.6 in Beijing. In typical Bolt fashion he slowed down with 70-meters left to go and “karaokeed” to the finish.
In other exciting Olympic news, Chinese gymnast Yang Wei celebrated her thirteenth birthday. She received many presents, but “none were as super-cool as the big gold necklace I won in the playroom with that cool spring-board.” Unfortunately, her parents were not allowed to attend her birthday party as she had to get right back to practicing for the 2012 games, where she will actually be of age.
Probably the most exciting and hyped event in the Olympics, the women’s 10m air rifle (40 shots) ended in a sudden death shoot out. Both superstars in their native countries, Qui Jian of China and Jia Emmons, whose country does is so obvious it need not be noted. The shootout ended with Jian misinterpreting the rules and shooting Emmons in the face, forcing her to remove herself from the competition due to the lack of a right eye. It was yet another fully legitamate gold for China, just ask Bela Karolyi. Finally, Michael Phelps happened to swim faster than all the other guys in the pool a couple of times.

December 30, 2008

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