Local Kid Thinks He Can Just Make His Own Oil

By Ply Obbert

BAYTOWN, NJ – As Frank O’Solly sat in his basement playing Halo on Xbox for the eleventh straight hour, his mother came down and turned on the news channel.

The local ABC news for the area was detailing the extreme raise in gasoline prices and how it had to do with the increase demand and those annoying guys in Saudi Arabia.

That gave the little mischievous Frank a great idea of his own.

Those who were watching him said he ran out of his house into the middle of his street and announced to the world, “I’m going to make my own oil!”

He then ran in his lab and was there for three consecutive weeks before his dad knocked and the door and broke the news to him.

“Son, you just can’t make your own oil.”

After that Frank ran away to California where he started his own restaurant.

November 28, 2008

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