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That Nightmare I Used to Have— It’s Back

Breaking News: Color No More!

By Elijah Brisk Students were up in arms today, as The Flipside was released in solely black and white copies. “How could something so terrible happen?” the masses wondered. As…

Ask Mr. Motzko: Homecoming

Dear Mr. Motzko, Homecoming is around the corner and I still don’t have any creative ideas for asking someone to the dance. I’m thinking about Google-ing some ideas but I…

“Free-Hugs” Guy Struggles to Make a Living in These Economic Times

By Gunther Hausman It has been astonishing that the ‘Free Hugs’ guy was in business as long as he has been, but in recent weeks, the entrepreneur reported being unable…

We Love it When This Happens

“You Wanna Go?” Hormonal Freshman Asks

DHS Students Love College Despite Lack of Personal Experience

Fart Blamed on Wet Shoes

Freshman Confused by this Publication, Everything Else at School

“Grandpa Discovers the Internet” Local Teen Reports

“Oh, grandson! It’s been too long since I’ve last seen you! I know, I know, I’m sorry that I missed your birthday dinner at that crazy restaurant where they cook…

School Having Trouble Figuring Out Next Inconvenience

By Elijah Brisk It feels like it’s been too long. Resurfacing Waukegan Road’s sidewalks and the sudden mutilation and gradual repair of the school’s entrance seems like ancient history, but…

Selfless Teen Devotes Summer to Community Service, Padding Résumé

By George Minkowski TURRIALBA, COSTA RICA— While many of us spent our summers at camp or in summer school, one of our own spent 20 days in Costa Rica helping…