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Our First Article for the 2017-2018 School Year

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Hannah Montana disapointed by Miley Cyrus’ downward spiral

New study: 100% of Deerfield students now in favor of global warming

Kid Finally Right About There Being A Snow Day

Guy Misses Free Period Due To Daylight Savings Time

Area High School Found Using Snapchat for Finals Studying

With finals looming in the foreseeable future, Deschanel High School students have been hard at work preparing tech-savvy ways to learn integrals and balance equations. Dirk Berger, a junior, has…

The Flipside Unveils Reasons Behind Jung-Un/Rodman Meeting

Last week, there was an extremely controversial meeting that took place between North Korean’s supreme leader Kim Jung-Un and former Chicago Bulls star rebounder Dennis Rodman. In light of Rodman’s…

DHS Takes Severe Measures To Stop Growing Rat Population

Struggling against the problem of a growing rat population, Deerfield High School has decided to take new, more severe measures to keep the school clean. “It was really simple,” said…

Snow Day Calculator Just Toddler Picking Random Numbers

Grandma Still Trying To Figure Out How To Turn On Her iPhone

Junior Can’t Wait To Wear New Sweater For Cashmere Pulaski Day

McDonald’s Remove Hamburgers After Cat Meat Is Found

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