As a result of the growing popularity of Mr. Navickas’ Honors Incubator class at DHS, students have invented many different unique products and marketing strategies. One group of students in particular began to gain a lot of traction online for their creative designs and marketing. However, Mr. Navickas was reported to have said that he wasn’t too happy as their product was, in his words, “Almost too realistic.” 

The aforementioned students designed a diverse line of products in the fursuit industry. These students—whose business operated under the name of “Amazon RainFurrest”—got lots of attention on their main marketplace, the subreddit r/furry_irl, for showing high amounts of resemblance to real animals. In a column about Amazon Rain-Furrest, Reddit user u/furdaddy2005 said, “I love how realistic the color palette is, these fursuits have really got my tail sticking up!” Due to their popularity online and great marketing, Amazon RainFurrest fursuits will be on display and up for sale this coming December in Rosemont, IL at the Midwest FurFest. In fact, in a shocking poll from an AP Statistics class reported the percentage of DHS students who identify as furry or furligned has increased to a whopping 5%. AP Statistics teacher Mrs. Bassler said, “We haven’t seen furry growth like this since the ‘Great Conversion’ of ‘14.”

Although the fursuits have had tons of success online, some questions have been raised by those unfamiliar with the furry community regarding their validity. A well-meaning reporter for TheFlipside asked one of Amazon RainFurrest’s customers at DHS if they liked pretending to have an alternate persona while in the fursuit, and he got a very sharply raised eyebrow. They told him, “My fursona isn’t any make-believe, this is who I am.” The student explained that they face discrimination regularly at school. “They wouldn’t even let me near the therapy dogs last week on account of them getting ‘too excited,’” they barked, “It’s not my fault that I’m hot!” Mr. Navickas, who was initially proud of the students for their product garnering the most revenue of any student-run business in the history of the Incubator class, released a statement regarding Amazon RainFurrest. “This was never my intention, I send my deepest apologies to the Paws for Patrick foundation for the incident,” he wrote. Mr. Navickas also promised that the Honors Incubator class would send financial compensation to pay for therapy for the therapy dogs. In the wake of all this news, the students of Amazon RainFurrest have been forced to stop production as a result of their publicity attracting the ire of PETA. The group has also dropped the Honors Incubator class out of embarrassment.

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