It’s that time of the year again, this February, Deerfield schools come together to help those in need with the student council’s annual Pack the Pantry donation drive. Student council asks that students and staff drop off donations of food, toiletries, paper goods and cleaning supplies in the boxes at the front entrance of the school. Apparently, Deerfield did not get the message. On Monday, an urgent email was sent to all DHS students regarding the influx of keto snack donations, pleading for donations of ‘real food’. The Flipside spoke to a member of the student council, who commented “All we’ve collected is a pack of baby wipes and like 77 bags of SlimFast Keto FatBomb real cheddar cheese crisps, no one is going to want this crap,” and, frankly, we agree.

With the ongoing fuss about keto, one can only wonder: what exactly CAN you eat while on the diet? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Keto restricts the consumption of most grains, most fruits, starches, sugars, and worst of all, bottled condiments. In fact, the dietary restrictions are so appalling, a Think! Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Keto Protein Bar was sent off to a lab to be tested, and scientists found nearly 5 grams of plutonium within the creamy peanut butter filling of one bar.

After the arrival of this news, an update was posted to the Deerfield Moms Facebook group, to inform parents about Pack the Pantry’s donation requirements, stating that Keto snacks will join canned goods on the list of unnecessary donations. Local moms have spoken out on Facebook in defense of Keto snacks. A disgruntled mother argued under today’s post, “There are kids starving in China, I bet they’d be very grateful to have healthy low carb dietary crackers,” to which other moms agreed. Another mom comments “Every child should have the right of having grainless, fruitless, starchless, condiment-less food. That includes the less fortunate children in our area.” The Pack the Pantry drive will be ending on February 17th, so be sure to deposit those donations while you still can!

Once again, to make sure pack the pantry can be effective in helping underprivileged individuals, student council asks that there be no more Navitas Cacao Goji Organic Power Snacks, or Happybaby Organic Creamies.

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