-DO go in an obnoxiously large group. Things are just so much easier to plan when there are 30 kids and 60 adults trying to coordinate the evening.

-DON’T tell your parents any details about the night. It’s always effective to be vague; good, fun, ok, and tiring are all responses likely to stem the tide of never ending questions.

-DO accidentally stab your date with the boutonniere pin. “I’m sorry” always works as a good ice breaker!

-DON’T shower -just spray yourself with axe because it’s pretty much the same thing anyways.

-DO sit with the Senior class at Pep Rally. This is a good time to bond with upperclassmen.

-DON’T stay past half time at the football game. It has become a school tradition to show as little sprit and support for our school as possible for some reason. And make sure the half you do spend at the game is used to make snide comments about our lack of school spirit.

-DO thank your date. While they only said about 10 words to you the whole night, they did pay for the evening and gave you an excuse to dress up (and if you’re a boy, paid for your breakfast and made your parents think you actually talk to girls)

-DON’T under any circumstances be productive or do your homework the entire weekend. It’s pretty much law, and the punishement for breaking it is sleep deprivation.

-DO charge your iphone so you can send snap chat all night (spending more time taking pictures than interacting with other people is the hallmark of a fun dance).

-DON’T actually dance. Corner-standing and the mosh-jump two step are the most popular forms of dance at homecoming.

-DO arrive 2-3 hours in advance to make sure you’re the first person to arrive in order to claim your spot at the front of the crèpe table.

-DON’T forget to have a great time, stay safe, and be smart while you skip the dance for something way more interesting.

-DO remember to thank your parents for not embarassing you infront of your group more than 13 or 14 times.

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