Next year, the Math Lab and WERCS will be combined into one multi-functional academic center, which many have known to be called the ARC. While the Math Lab and WERCS are supposedly going to become math and English classrooms, the administration has a much different plan for construction this summer. After overhearing a group of teachers whispering in the hallways, Flipside reporters have confirmed that teachers plan to turn these rooms into combo spa, bar, recreation center, and lounge area.

“I can’t believe students are actually buying it,” said history teacher Larry Tomer. “I mean, it’s great that kids are getting a learning opportunity out of this. Learning is definitely the first priority….but it’s also pretty great that I get to go take a steam and a nap in between my 4th and 5th periods.”

The doors to these rooms will be sealed with maximum-security locks to ensure that no students can enter, and new ventilation systems will be installed that somehow produce the perfect balance between the Q-Hall heat and the X-Hall air conditioning.

Surprisingly, the students that have learned of these room remodelings are not too happy. Junior WERCS tutor Marley Victor is “totally P.O.ed” at the administration. “I just can’t believe it. I’ve eaten every single lunch this year in the WERCS, and I know that I will not be getting my daily intellectual conversations in the lunchroom.” However, senior Sam Thompson’s response to the news was, “who cares? I’ll be 246 miles away from this school in four months.”

Little do students know, this isn’t the first thing the administration has slipped passed the students. Remember the referendum that didn’t pass? Prepare to see a lot more Ferraris in the parking lot next year.

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