To Homework or Not To Homework

hamlet Umm, what do I do now? After working my tucas off for four years, I am in to college. I am not allowed to care about my homework. I’m a Senior. We don’t do stuff cuz we run this school, u no.

Did u no that people hang out with other people on weekdays? I didn’t! I guess some people don’t go home and do homework until 10. I guess these people, well, what’s the word… relax.

They just go home and chill. No studying flashcards on their Moodle homepage. No trading study guides for test answers. No preparing for AP tests in March. No. These people just do stuff, sometimes even with the aim of having fun.

Maybe I should do stuff. I mean, I hate school anyways because I am the only kid without a calculator. Who knows, maybe there is more to life than good grades? Nah. Who am I kidding? Stop yelling at me mom—you’re right. I’ll stop talking to myself and go back to work.

May 25, 2009

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