james-harrison Yo man, just give me a minute; I’m still catching my breath from that sick nasty one hundred yard run. It was like escaping from prison all over again. I swear, you look at me again and I’ll punch you in the face. Then I’ll push you down.

Now in all seriousness, Arizona you guys played a great game… for a bunch of losers. You played well enough to win… but you didn’t.

I’m just messin’. Warner, that was a solid touchdown pass at end the half. Too bad your grocery bag, grandfather eyes couldn’t recognize the three hundred pound dude wearing the other color jersey.

I’d like to thank my great defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau. Ha. I said dick.

That was a fun game. Nothing could top that halftime show, especially Janet Jackson. She wasn’t wearing one.

What an awesome catch by Holmes. Now we need to teach him how to speak English. It’s understandable though, he went to Ohio State. The Ohio State.

Let me be frank with you all for a moment. Arizona, it’s too bad you can’t hold on to a lead as well as Mike Ganby held on to me all game.

I just can’t wait to watch “Chuck” tomorrow in 3-d.

Hugs and kisses,
James Harrison

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