Popular Demand Leads to New Call of Duty Class

cod-4 As kids continue to lose hours of their lives at seemingly the blink of the eye, DHS has decided to calm the COD mobsters and give them what they want: a sixteen person competitive, multiplayer class. Within two hours, students sent their Xbox live applications to reserve their spot in one of the remaining two class slots, as fourteen were filled during COD class BETA. And one class was reserved for the cool teachers who play videogames.

The class is not without controversy. Currently, grades are based on a student’s kill to death ratio. Some feel this is unfair, as they like to tactically snipe peoples heads off from a distance, watching their blood slowly trickle off their severed body. Others like to run around like a suicide bomber with their shotgun, racking up kills with a mediocre kill to death ratio. These unskilled fools are asking for a point-based system. Perks are for extra credit. Either way, your voice will be heard: so long as you have a headset.

Each year can move up a prestige, all in preparation for college. In college, of course, the only thing you do is play videogames.

Currently, honors World of War is being provided through the more historically rooted social studies department. It is taught by COD fanatic Ms. Kaplann. The far superior AP Modern Warfare class is being considered an applied art class, as the entire department has been having competitive LAN matches for years. Rumor is, it gets pretty viscous. No matter which class, just sign me up. Oh yeah, and for my other classes, just write me a pass.

January 31, 2009

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