By Bosco Cheyenne

No wonder the holiday-season movies underperformed! I walked into the new Steven Spielberg film “Munich” expecting a “Miracle”-like feel good romp about Olympic athletes overcoming the adversity of being brutally massacred and coming back to win the gold. Boy was I wrong. The majority of the movie was just about a stupid Israeli agency tracking down stupid terrorists. Where’s the action I have come to expect from my Olympic themed movies? Why didn’t they include anything about basketball’s Dream Team or the numerous accomplishments of the U.S. Gymnastics Team? Where is the beautiful architecture that makes up the Olympic arenas? Why is there no detail on the awe-inspiring opening ceremonies? Is Mr. Spielberg too good for world unity? These are all flaws I cannot ignore. Honestly, there was about five minutes of Olympic content in the whole damn picture! As a sports fan, I personally do not care about one man’s struggle to have revenge on terrorists while maintaining his moral blah blah blah blah blah. Where are the water sports? Spielberg may be a terrific filmmaker, but he has not earned the right to place his own fictional spin on real life events. Stay away from this movie at all costs and watch a more historically accurate movie, like Spielberg’s summer blockbuster “War Of The Worlds.”

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