Baltimore Ravens Choose Wrong Game to Wear Throwback Jerseys

By Izzie Olonono

CLEVELAND, OH – In what turned into be a catastrophic event of confusion, the Baltimore Ravens chose the wrong game to wear their Browns throwback jerseys.

Last Sunday, the Ravens chose to go “old school” by bringing back the jersey from the team’s prior location in Cleveland with their prior mascot of the Browns.

“I think was this just a miscommunication,” said Baltimore Ravens Fashion Coordinator Joe Yulai. “We wanted to go vintage because vintage is in, and we forgot to think about how we were the same mascot and colors as our opposition. Oops!”

Cleveland Browns fans expressed their displeasure with the goof-up. “I was just watching the game on my plain old HDTV it was just on big mass of brown and orange and I couldn’t tell left from right or Brown from Raven. I think my team won, but in these conditions, you can never be sure.”

“To me it just looked like Browns versus Browns, so it was like double the fun,” said Browns head coach Romeo Crennel. “All I know is that it wasn’t our fault.”

The Baltimore Ravens have apologized, and promised the league that if they ever wanted to go vintage again, it would be against another team.

December 15, 2008

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