ADD Student Doesn’t Have the Patience for Extended Time

By Roy Colliweather & Vernon Colliweather & Sam Bolck

SAN JOSE, CA—Although the kids that this article affects, those with Attention Deficit Disorder, will not be able to focus long enough to read this 200 word article, they are at risk to waste the precious extra time given to them in order to compensate their inability to stop looking out the window.

When asked about what he thinks about extended time, a well known spaz who has been diagnosed with ADD said, “I think extending time is great because, Oh look! There is a bug!”

Some ADD experts, commonly known adderts, do not see the point of extended time. According to Dr. Goldensteinberg, “All the kids with ADD do with their extended time is zone out more. The real solution would be to make a test where every question has nothing to do with the last one, each covering a completely new subject.”

Yet, many feel this would not be fair to the rest of us because we are able to read multiple sentences without thinking about kites or giraffes or balloons. Although there is no solution that both sides can agree upon, at least we can all agree that it impossible for anyone to focus completely for one hour straight because school gets so darn boring sometimes.

December 15, 2008

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