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Gangster Squad Creators Can’t Think of Better Name for Movie

New Year’s Resolution Lasts All of 30 Seconds

Deerfield Disses Created to Neutralize Newfound Positivity at DHS

Last Monday afternoon, it was discovered that the feelings of DHS students is exceedingly positive and that the cause was the creation of the Facebook page Deerfield Compliments. In response…

Lance Armstrong Found Living In Wyoming Cave

People From the year 2027 Report Turnabout Dance is “Sick-Nasty”

Manti Te’o Joke We Thought Existed Now Gone

Junior Students Learn About Subscription Databases for 14th Time

Area Senior “Visits” College for Fourth Time

Last weekend, area senior Dennis Thomas visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the fourth time since the start of the school year. Although he had been to the…

Huge Party Happens While Parents at Open House

Replacement Teachers Mess Up Scantron Tests

Dangers of Parties Presentation Drops Homecoming Attendance

AUDITORIUM—In a gripping half-hour presentation, Deputy Sheriff Pat McMullan successfully convinced area teenagers to “say no” to homecoming. After the presentation, Flipside reporters interviewed the surprisingly changed individuals of the…

Physics Class Calculates That Raging Bull is “Very Fun”

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