There is no better time than quarantine to get in shape. We’ve all got oodles of free time, and nothing to do with it. So when you are bored on Zoom, why not work out? One thing I love to do is Zoomba. Now, it’s not the sneakiest activity, so you’ll get caught if you have your camera on. The solution? Lie. Say you are going to go get a drink of water, or need to use the bathroom. Once your camera is off, turn on your Latin music and get groovy. And sweaty. That one will be hard to explain to your teacher. “I’m all sweaty from the bathroom,” I often say, and there are no further questions.

The Culinary Arts

A great 3rd period activity, cooking is a great way to pass the time while you wait for lunch. It’s also incredibly easy to hide. What they see is me reaching for something off-screen, perhaps a notebook, but in reality, I’m flipping burgers on my George Foreman grill. They think I’m rearranging my desk, however I’m actually stirring fondue. Taking notes? Nope, dicing an onion. I go outside for my gym class most of the time, so when my teacher sees me doing burpees he doesn’t notice that my heavy breathing is actually me oxygenating the fire where I’m spit roasting a ham. The best part is that even if you do get caught, the class stops and everyone is interested in what you’re doing because they are bored too. Then you can rub it in their face that you were being productive while they wasted their time browsing Reddit.


If you’re like me and you’ve recently gotten your permit, then you’ll know it’s hard to find time to get your 50 hours in. That’s why I like to fire up Zoom in the car. Jokes aside, traffic safety is important. That’s why I only do this during my online Driver’s Ed class. It’s great and it makes the class so much more engaging. I really felt the gravity of the lectures when I got a firsthand demonstration of the importance of seatbelts. Sensational. If you are a thrillseeker, here’s a fun joke you can pull while you’re on Zoom and driving. First, wait till you come up on a red light at an intersection. Then, unmute your Zoom, and if there are pedestrians present, roll down the windows. Finally, scream, at the top of your lungs, “I’M ZOOMING!” whilst tripling the speed limit into the intersection making the sharpest left you can. Don’t forget your turn signal!

I hope you found this guide helpful to staying entertained during online class.

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