What Teachers are Really Doing on Their Computers

42-15909100 You are in lab. Your teacher is at his desk, his face pensive. He is staring intensely at his computer. He is deep in thought. You do not want to interrupt him, but you have an urgent question about LabPro procedure. Obviously, your life or death question that could be the difference of tenths of a point outweighs your teacher’s right to privacy. So you approach…

What do you see? He’s breaking down stats: the stats of the Nebraska 2009 football season.

What do you see? She is using her override password to watch funny youtube videos.

What do you see? He is on addicting games. By the way, he’s at level 23. He’s really good. He must play a lot.

From emailing kids about track practice to organizing Darfur rallies, teachers use their computers for a variety of reasons. Few, however, are relevant to your current class. There is a reason g-d made the laptop: it is private. So as you wonder why your internet connection in the computer lab is slow and preventing you from completing your research project on Shakespeare, just be happy to know your teacher is using that precious bandwidth for something even greater: purchasing weird music to play as you walk into class tomorrow.

May 23, 2009

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