scar “Sorry girl, I can’t go out tonight. I gotta study for that science test.”

“But didn’t you just take the AP test today?”

“Yeah, my teacher is a racist. He hates students.”

“If I looked like that guy, I would hate the world too.”

Oh the glorious AP test. The culmination of a year’s worth of studies. The giver of life and the granter of death (to the given class). Blessed be you, the emancipator of seniors. Oh wait, looks like somebody does not read the AP bible and decided to pull a Judas—stabbing you right in the back with a unit test.

He doesn’t teach to the AP test. That’s what they all say. Honestly, that’s the biggest load of bull crap since The House on Mango Street. Or maybe Battle of the Birdies Two. Man was that disappointing. I was expecting to shove the shuttlecock down somebody’s throat. Too bad I couldn’t keep my shuttlecock in the court. Every time I went for the slam, the shuttlecock was at least two feet long. Maybe bigger.

My teacher mentioned the AP test more times than Moses brought animals on his ark.

Just kidding. It was Noah’s.

I digress. I should be studying for my second “Glen Davis” huge test for this subject in three days. It’s not like my teacher didn’t have to study for or grade the AP test or anything…

Top 3 Arrogant Teacher Moves

1. Making you carry a disgustingly dirty bathroom pass.

2. Not curving a hard test, or any test for that matter

3. Lying to your students all year about what AP score qualifies as a 5

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