Editor’s Note In Regard to the Article to My Left

I have seen Flipsides stuck in the new school fence, in the exhibition gym bleachers, in the trophy cases, and all over the floor. It is pretty cool to see where the paper travels and wonder how it got there (I saw one in the toilet. I thought about saving it from its fate, but I just flushed it. And cried.) Although I am buying the janitors some sweet, secret, gift (so secret, I don’t even know what I am buying), please make everybody’s life easier and throw The Flipside away. Or frame it. Either way, if you are not going to place it in some really cool spot (I was thinking West Gym ceiling), think of the janitors. Dispose responsibly.

Let me also use this opportunity to thank those Flipside distributors. Special thanks to: Cara Cortesi, Connor Shields, Arthur Bashkins, Abby Marder, Jen Lepota and anyone else who has ever helped. I’d also like to to thank my mom, dad, and lord and savior Jesus Christ. Just kidding.

January 23, 2009

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