Random Acts of Kindness Day Goes Exactly As Planned

By Funky DelPueblo

DEERFIELD, IL—After several months of hard work and preparation, S.O.S. has once again surprised the entire school with their annual Random Acts of Kindness day. S.O.S. sponsors explained the idea of the event: “We tell students to pounce on any opportunity they see to do a good deed. For example, if they happen to be in the bus lobby with a bag of candy at the beginning of the day, they could pass out the candy to others as they entered the school. You know, spontaneous situations like that pop up all the time.”

Some teachers, however, were not pleased with the day. Mr. Ambrot of the math department was particularly critical. He explained to Flipside, “In mathematics, a random event is one that occurs with an objective unpredictability. The events on Random Acts of Kindness day certainly were predictable, to anybody who looked in their assignment notebook.” Looks like somebody didn’t get any candy when they walked in to school, Mr. Look-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth.

December 15, 2008

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