With Homecoming starting earlier and earlier every year, the meaning of the word is starting to change. No longer does Homecoming symbolize the start of school. Now, Homecoming is literally the coming home for many DHS students. For those who go to camp, it is sometimes tough to get your act together so early in the season. Overnight camper Max Fried admits, “Dude, I barely have my camp goggles off.”

Rumors have been spreading that Homecoming in 2010 will be before the kick-off dance and possibly before school starts. Upon analyzing the data, the Flipside can confirm these rumors as truth. Thus, we recommend asking the girl of your choice to both this year’s homecoming and next years. You could always ask one girl to the years and another one for next year, but the socially astute members of the Flipside feel that might get a tad awkward. We know awkward.

It sure is difficult to transition from that last paragraph. This tough transition is similar to the brutal first week of Freshman year. With problems already including navigating around school, looking cool to impress the kids you’ve never seen before, dealing with the tail end of puberty, and figuring out the Flipside is fake news, Freshman must now add asking out a girl to homecoming to their week one agenda. Alas, few people care about Freshman troubles anyway.

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