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Cuppy Coffee Admits To Steroid Use For Dunkin Donuts® Races

By Jefferey Hoodaman CHICAGO, IL — Track star Cuppy Coffee has acknowledged using steroids to prepare for nu­merous Dunkin Donuts® Races. He is scheduled to plead guilty today in New…

Korea Just Needs To Like, Chill Brah. Nah, But Like, For Real.

I usually don’t get into politics, brah. It’s really not my thing. Well actually, I have flipped past CNBC on my way to SpikeTV a couple times. That’s about it…

Senior Discovers New Way To Succeed, Calls It “Studying”

­By Trixie Dewdrop Deerfield High School senior Edwin Rush made a remarkable discovery last week when he discovered a new strategy to get good grades. He calls it “study­ing.” “I…

Robert De Niro Breaks Face in Freak Squinting Accident

Stray Hairs on Bar of Soap Given Benefit of the Doubt

Woman in Starbucks Quietly Drinks Tea, Judges You